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2017/2018 SEASON

2017/18: After an incredible debut season the team now switches its focus onto season four, beginning in Hong Kong this December. With new cities added to the schedule, and with the unveiling of the new I‑TYPE 2, Jaguar's second year of racing promises to be the best one yet.


MARRAKESH, 13.01.18

The team heads to Morocco with victory in their sights. With the one of longest racing distances to cover they’ll need to stay focused and carefully plan their pit changes to maximise their chances.

SANTIAGO, 03.02.18

The location may be a new addition to Season 4, but the team’s game plan remains the same. Win. With three straight sections allowing for full throttle action, driver and car must work as one to emerge victorious.

MEXICO CITY, 03.03.18

At an elevation of over 2500m, this track is the highest in Formula E - and one of the highest in the world. The thin air seemed to have helped Mitch’s efforts in S3 as he finished 4th. He’ll be looking to better that in Season 4.


ROME, 14.04.18

At 1.77miles in length, the Rome E-Prix is the second longest track the teams will face during the season. Factor in the 21 different turns and each driver will have their skills pushed to the limit during Italy’s first ever fully electric single-seater street race.

PARIS, 28.04.18

Last season’s sold-out race around the historic Les Invalides complex saw the team earn points for a third consecutive race. With the bar set, expectations are high for both drivers.

BERLIN, 19.05.18

In S3, Mitch brought home Jaguar’s first piece of silverware with the VISA Fastest Lap Award trophy. There’s little doubt he’ll be aiming for the same type of success this weekend.

ZURICH, 10.06.18

When the team touches down in Zurich it will be the first circuit race in Switzerland since the 1954 Swiss Grand Prix.

NEW YORK CITY, 14.07.18

Panasonic Jaguar Racing helped make history in S3 with the first electric street race within the five boroughs of New York City. It also marked the team’s North American return to the track.

NEW YORK CITY, 15.07.18

Winding through the waterfront neighbourhood of Red Hook, in Brooklyn, the track route will feature stunning views of the iconic Manhattan skyline and the Statue of Liberty.

MONTREAL, 28.07.18

As the last race weekend of the season the Hydro-Québec Montréal E-Prix track has been described by some racers as one of the most challenging circuits to navigate. With blind turns and up and downhill sections, the driver that maintains their composure will be the one who comes out on top.

MONTREAL, 29.07.18

As the final race of the FIA Formula E season, the team will be pushing their skills to the limit aiming for a podium finish to end the year on a high note.


HONG KONG, 02.12.17

Season Four is already off to an electrifying start. Returning to the streets of Hong Kong, the team secured their first points of the year with Nelson Piquet Jr. battling his way to an impressive fourth place finish.

HONG KONG, 03.12.17

Hong Kong’s second race of the season saw Panasonic Jaguar Racing earning a couple of team firsts. The most significant was a first ever podium when Mitch finished in third place. The other came when Mitch recorded the fastest qualifying time earlier in the day.